Orbix 6


Enterprise quality of service

Providing a highly scalable, robust, secure, and performant integration solution, Orbix 6 has been helping to power many of the most demanding systems in use today. Orbix 6 Standard Edition is enterprise-ready, providing all the services and functionality required for your CORBA middleware needs.

Designed for extreme system performance and scalability

Fully adhering to the OMG CORBA specification, Orbix enables organizations to build POA-based applications backed by the advanced features contained within the world’s most successful CORBA solution.

Standard or Enterprise editions available

Available in both C++ and Java on a large variety of platforms, Orbix 6 Enterprise is the most advanced CORBA product available today. Orbix Enterprise provides all the features and benefits described for Orbix Standard, plus more flexibility and wider functionality for organizations that need it.

Orbix 6 Standard Edition Orbix 6 Enterprise Edition
CORBA 2.6 compliant supporting certain 3.0 features
TLS 1.2 level security
Event Service and CORBA 3.0 AMI features for asynchronous communication
Bidirectional GIOP for server callbacks
CORBA Reflection and dynamic type supports
Interoperable CORBA Naming Service and load balancing extensions
Compression plug-in
No-coding Web Service integration
Tight integration with Micro Focus Artix for cross protocol communication
Orbix management and administration tools
Security toolkit with integration for third-party solutions
High availability of Orbix services through replication clustering
Advanced messaging architecture
CORBA Object Transaction Service (OTS)
CORBA Trading Service
Firewall Proxy Service
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