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Orbix 6

Scalable, secure, enterprise-ready CORBA.

Orbix 6
Deploy scalable, reliable, secure, fault-tolerant enterprise CORBA systems. OpenText™ Orbix 6 is a modern, premier CORBA ORB, with enterprise features including high-performance, replication, load-balancing, and advanced security.

Enterprise Add-Ons

Unlock Enterprise Add-On CORBA Services.

Enterprise add-ons include Security, High-Availability, Object Transaction, Notification, Event, Telecom Log, Trading, Management.

Enterprise Add-Ons
Enterprise add-ons can be individually obtained to cater to your requirements.
Enterprise Add-Ons
Interface Repository, Naming, Event, Persistent-State Service included.

A  scalable, robust, secure, and performant integration solution

Notification and Telecom Log Services

Publish-and-Subscribe paradigm for CORBA.

Scalable and efficient delivery of structured events with advanced Quality of service, filtering and scheduling features.

Notification Service provides connection and event reliability for guaranteed delivery.
Telecom Log service enables persistent log of events for disaster recovery.

Build POA-based applications.

High Availability

Reliability and scalability built-in.

High-Availability Add-On clustering architecture enables high availability, load balancing, replication, state persistence, and fault tolerance, transparent to applications.

OpenText™ Orbix CORBA services feature high availability, replication and hot-standby.
Orbix applications can leverage the Orbix Persistent State Service features.


Additional Features

Object Transaction Service

Add-on enables multiple-resource two-phase commit transactional support.

Advanced Security

Security Service Add-On secures CORBA systems with CORBASEC and CSIv2 support.

Trading Service

Trading Service Add-On provides dynamic discovery of objects and services.

Drop-in binary compatibility

Orbix 6 updates do not require your applications to be recompiled.

Bidirectional GIOP Support

Bidirectional GIOP offers a solution to traversing network firewalls/ NATs.

GIOP Compression Plug-In

On-the-wire GIOP compression for performance on low-bandwidth networks.


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Orbix 6

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