Quality Center Express

Software Quality Assurance

The industry's leading test management solution helps teams release the highest quality applications and better understand the impact of change.

Accelerate success
Quickly build and execute tests

With proven industry best practices built into the platform, teams can quickly build manual tests and schedule them for execution.

Manage and resolve defects faster

Quickly connect related assets together to understand impact, and automatically log context and step details during execution, so there's less detective work required to understand the nature of a defect.

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Actionable reporting and graphs

Using the right data is key when making tough decisions. Easily review trends and history, and right-click drill-down into charts to quickly get more detail.

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Faster, more accurate testing

The Sprinter tool helps teams more accurately build and execute tests. Storyboard capture and smart defect creation help the team to run tests faster and clearly communicate defects for faster triage.

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Schedule automated and manual tests

Tests can easily be scheduled to the right time or team-member and connected to the right release or cycle, ensuring everyone stays focused on the right activities.

Shave the yak less, by using Micro Focus Quality Center Express

You've already got a lot on your plate. And we know, that 'quick fix' or 'simple task' is never really all that quick or simple.

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