Reflection Desktop for X

The X Factor

PC X servers on desktop PCs are now fully capable of running the sophisticated graphical apps you once called your own.

face to face
Enjoy collaborative freedom

Start a project in the office and rejoin it later from a different desktop. Share your session with colleagues around the world and work together in real time. You'll be amazed by your productivity.

Doc 2
Make powerful connections

Access UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, HP 3000, HP NonStop, and X11 (X Window), UNIX, and OpenVMS apps from your Windows desktop. Safely transfer files inside and outside the enterprise. All available with Reflection for Desktop X.

Shield 6
Guard intellectual property

Protect your valuable designs, especially when they are being shared or transferred. Fortify host security and ward off network spies.

Team PC X server with terminal emulator

Connect to graphics and text-based applications on IBM, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS hosts.

Stopwatch 3
Watch designs come alive

Render and display 2D/3D graphical X Window applications with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Financial 2
Integrate the host and IAM

Easily extend IAM security benefits to host systems.

Our Customers

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Incremental software releases of Reflection X have maintained the high standards that PostFinance has come to expect. And with the release of Reflection Desktop for X the potential for bandwidth savings and still greater performance is an indication of Attachmate’s (now a part of Micro Focus) commitment to continual improvement.


See how you can integrate host systems with modern security frameworks

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