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Reflection Desktop for X

Reflection Desktop for X

Our PC X server solution enables X11, UNIX, and OpenVMS access from a Windows desktop. Work securely anywhere and connect quickly to X Window and host applications.

Smart Routing and More

Speed X apps through sluggish connections.

Our high-powered PC X server enables unrivaled efficiency. Smart protocol routing and compression tackle any X Window job, even on slow networks.

Smart Routing and More
Get the job done quickly, whether at work or home, with Reflection X.
Smart Routing and More
Keep productivity high on any network.

Maintain Continuity

Run applications, whatever happens.

Maintain your work and keep your X applications running even when your network connection is interrupted, or your machine goes down.

A remote fault tolerance node protects against online failures.
Feel safe wherever you’re working on your X applications.

Create a Modern UX

Simplify host application usage.

Modern user-interface elements, including ribbon, tabs, Microsoft Office integration, make host applications as easy to use as web and desktop apps.

Top end tooling puts a better UX for your host application in reach.
You can have zero-footprint, secure host access wherever you are.


Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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Reflection Desktop for X

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