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Automate the authentication process
Automate the authentication process

Authenticate to your UNIX/Linux applications using a wide range of SSH methods, including username/password, key-based authentication, and keyboard interaction. Then you can automate the authentication process across all your applications.

Encrypt data in motion

Don't let your BYOD program distract you from bigger concerns. Reflection has you covered with the highest level of encryption technology available for securing sensitive data as it travels from client to server.

Encrypt data in motion
Count on our expert support
Count on our expert support

Get the support you need, when you need it – from the company that defines terminal emulation. Our seasoned support technicians are standing by to work through your issues over the phone so you can be up and running as quickly as possible.

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Free yourself from the desktop

Perform wherever, whenever administration on your UNIX/Linux systems – and tackle tasks in the moment – from your favorite mobile device.

Time forward
Overcome small-device limitations

With a look and feel optimized for mobile devices, plus single-touch commands, you'll spend less time configuring and get quickly to work on the projects that matter most.

Work faster, make fewer errors

Move beyond cumbersome data entry with an enhanced keyboard and Keybar. Interact with your applications as though you're using a full-function keyboard. Access common terminal application commands with a single tap. You'll be fast – and accurate.

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Connect and switch with ease

Make instant connections to your host systems with ConnectBox and its familiar user interface. Session Switcher makes it easy to shift between applications as you work.

This application works exactly as described and melds old school terminology with the convenience of an iPad. I highly recommend this app!

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