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Reflection Mobile


Reflection Mobile

  • Reflection Mobile Product Family
    • Reflection Mobile
    • Reflection for TN3270 and TN5250
    • Reflection for UNIX
    Emulation Types/Terminal Types
    • IBM System z (Mainframe)
      • 3270 text and graphics terminals
    • IBM System i (AS/400)
      • 5250 terminals
    • UNIX/Linux/DEC
      • VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420
      • xterm
    Network Protocols
    • IBM System z (Mainframe)
      • TN3270E
    • IBM System i (AS/400)
      • TN5250E
    • UNIX/Linux
      • Telnet
      • SSH
    • IPv4 and IPv6 support
    Key Features
    • Create sessions through Host Access for the Cloud*
    • Multiple simultaneous terminal connections supported
    • Session-switcher for quickly switching between sessions
    • Full screen mode for better application interactivity on smaller form factor devices
    • iCloud Sync for storing configurations in the cloud*
    • Tasks support provides automation of processes via record and playback, like macros*
    • Auto-sizing option with pinch/zoom gesture
    • ConnectBox for fast access to key host systems
    • Configurable KeyBar for quick access to commonly used host keys*
    • Configurable colors
    • Barcode scanning via camera for fast input into host applications*
    • Enhanced virtual keyboard for productively interacting with host applications
    • Save favorite sessions for rapid access to key systems
    • Integration with all major MDM/EUM/EMM solutions*
    • Support for UI customization prior to deployment*
    • Touch ID support enables biometric (fingerprint) recognition for further protection of host systems
    • Application PIN-Lock to protect your host applications with a 4-digit hexadecimal PIN code
    • TLS encryption (IBM)*
    • SSH encryption (UNIX/Linux)*
      • Multiple SSH authentication methods
      • SSH keyboard interactive authentication
      • Key generation (RSA and DSA)
      • Private key import
      • Easy uploading of users’ public keys to SSH servers

    *Feature available only in specific Reflection Mobile products or via in-app purchase (IAP).

    Operating Platforms
    • iOS
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPadOS
    • Trial versions are available on the Apple App Store to try at no cost.

  • Mobile Apps for Reflection for UNIX: IT Administration on the Go
    Anytime access with app editions of Micro Focus Reflection for UNIX
    • As the world of IT grows more sophisticated, so does the demand for fast, responsive IT. The iOS edition of Micro Focus Reflection for UNIX, give you access to your UNIX/Linux systems from mobile devices. When a problem arises, you can quickly and easily resolve the issue from your mobile phone.
    Productivity on the go with iOS apps
    • Transition from cumbersome data entry to an enhanced, user optimized keyboard and Keybar. Use your UNIX/Linux application as though you’re equipped with a full-functioning keyboard and access common terminal application commands with a single tap. You’ll increase productivity by executing commands with fewer errors.
    Reflection for UNIX apps provide instant access to your UNIX/Linux Systems
    • Get instant access to your UNIX/Linux systems from your mobile device with ConnectBox, an interface that stays consistent with the mobile applications you use every day. ConnectBox helps you handle and avoid daily disruptions with features like Session Switcher, which lets you shift between applications as you work.
    Automate authentication
    • Authenticate identity in your UNIX/Linux applications using the Reflection for UNIX apps’ wide range of SSH methods. These include:
      • Username/password
      • Key-based authentication
      • Keyboard interactive

    Reflection for UNIX lets you save time by automating the authentication process on applications with support for multiple identities.

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