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Reflection for the Web

Secure host access from your browser.


Our terminal emulation software securely connects to your host systems via the web. OpenText™ Reflection for the Web includes printing, file transfer, automation, and advanced security features.

Secure Host Access

Let users access the host from the web.

Make IBM, UNIX, Unisys, OpenVMS, and airline applications instantly available via a browser—no matter where they are.

Reduce Java dependency on desktops with the Reflection for the Web Launcher.
Provide terminal sessions, printing, and file transfer.


Session Configurations

Meet the needs of business users.

Configure sessions with hotspots, keyboard mapping, color settings, and more.

Build web frameworks around mainframe applications.
Use without Java on the desktop, as Java is embedded in the Reflection for the Web Launcher.


Centralized Deployment

Provide instant availability.

Centrally install and deploy Reflection for the Web. Once you make updates, users automatically download the new version when they connect.

Save desktop-management time.


Additional Features

Data Protection

Take advantage of integrated security options, including TLS 1.3, SHA-256, FIPS 140-2, AES encryption, and Secure Token Authorization.

Unisys Emulation

Easily emulate T27 and UTS terminal types. Centrally install, deploy, and update your terminal emulation applications.

Airline Capabilities

Connect to any major GDS. Use the Airlines Printer component to generate tickets, baggage tags, and boarding passes.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


Featured Resources

Software License Documents

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Reflection for the Web

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