Retain Social Archiving

Stay compliant with complete, centralized social media archiving.

Control the retention period of archived data and get immediate, complete access to all your company’s social media communication data.

Retain Social Archiving

Retain Social Archiving sees that your social media communication data is captured and compliant with archiving regulations. Archive all of your corporate social media data into one central repository, in its original context. You can see message threads, view photos, and watch videos as they originally appeared. You can also search, perform eDiscovery, and export from the central archive.

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eDiscovery, advanced search, and tagging

Authorized users can perform eDiscovery and complete regulatory tasks like litigation holds, printing, forwarding, saving, redacting, and exporting. Search your archive by content type, date range, network, keywords, participants, or tags.

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Quick and seamless deployment

Connect and archive social media accounts without collecting personal login information from multiple users or granting all users access to everything in the archive.

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Complete historical archive with retention rules

Retain Social Media Governance collects all available data from existing social media accounts, including historical posts, messages, photos, and comments.

Case Studies

Financial Institution

Allowing employees to access social media.

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Federal Government Agency

Restricting access to social media.

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The biggest problem most of my customers have is spam. It’s especially a problem for those in the public sector because they have opened their email systems and they need a product to protect themselves against spam. I have a lot of experience with GWAVA. I trust GWAVA products. And I use them myself.

Diethmar Rimser

Why all organizations need to manage and archive social media


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