Retain Unified Archiving


On-prem and cloud archiving

Your social media, email, and mobile communication data contains valuable business information. Retain Unified Archiving and Retain Cloud Archiving provide a central location for you to archive, easily access, and audit the data both on premises and in the cloud.

Complete communication archiving

All electronic communication data, including email, social media, and mobile is archived into one unified data archive. This gives you the ability to search, publish, and perform eDiscovery from one central location.

Unified archiving no matter your environment

Whether you choose to store data on-premise or in the cloud, you still have complete access to your archived data with Retain Unified Archiving. You also have simultaneous support of a mixed messaging platform environment.

Policy-based archiving in agnostic formats

Determine how you want to archive your communication data with Retain’s configurable policies. These enable you to define what is archived based on various message features, including message source, status, mailbox type, and more.

Supported email platforms and plugins

Retain supports the following email platforms:

  • Exchange 2007 SP3, 2010 SP2 or higher, 2013, and 2016
  • Office 365 Business Essentials, Premium, Enterprise E1 plans, Enterprise E3 plans, & Enterprise E5 plans
  • Google G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise
  • GroupWise 7.0.3 HP1 or above, GroupWise 8, GroupWise 2012, GroupWise 2014+, and GroupWise 18+
Fast, flexible access to your data

Retain Unified Archiving ensures that you can access your communication data anywhere, anytime by providing single sign-on. Whether your users are using Outlook, the Outlook Web App, the GroupWise Client, or GroupWise WebAccess, they can easily access your archived data.

Skype for Business archiving

Maintain oversight and compliance for Skype for Business/Lync communication. Retain Unified Archiving archives Skype for Business messaging in a single, central archive, along with email, social media, and mobile communication.

Do more with intelligent archiving

Retain features intelligent, granular archiving by taking advantage of the Microsoft Recoverable Items Folder and by using EWS impersonation. Archiving is not limited to journaling, though archiving via journaling is possible if required.

Powerful social media monitoring and archiving capabilities

Archive all of your corporate social media data into one central repository, in its original context. You can see message threads, view photos, and watch videos as they originally appeared.

Complete mobile communication management

Mobile communication archiving for BlackBerry, iOS, and Android, including MMS/SMS text messages, phone call logs, BBM, PIN, and secure mobile communication data.

Access your mobile communication data

By archiving your mobile communication data, you ensure your employees are compliant, are protected against data leaks, and have access to the valuable corporate data contained on mobile devices.

Ensure social media compliance

All your posts, videos, and message threads are available in one central archive which enables you to ensure all your accounts are regulated and compliant.

Social media messaging threading capabilities

Social media messages are archived in their original message string, which enables messages to be easily searched and viewed in their original context.

Retain High Performance Indexing Engine helps you do more

Ensure fast and easy data retrieval with the High Performance Indexing Engine. The clusterable, high performance index is able to support an unlimited amount of search requests.

Reduce storage costs with single-instance storage and message deletion

Retain archives only one copy of a message and attachment. This dramatically reduces your storage costs as Exchange 2010, 2013, and Office 365 do not support single instance storage and drive up your storage cost exponentially.

Reduce cost and complexity

Your social media accounts, emails, and mobile communication contain valuable business data. Retain Unified Archiving provides a central location for you to easily access and audit the data.

Optimize system performance

Increase system performance by archiving all your business communication data, including email. By archiving valuable yet outdated content, you reduce your storage needs and enable your system to run more freely.

Advanced search capabilities

Retain Unified Archiving features an advanced search tool that enables you to quickly and easily search through all your archived data so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

SMTP and Secure FTP forwarding capabilities

SMTP and Secure FTP forwarding of all messages based on your organization’s needs. Retain collects messaging data, including email, social media, and mobile, and sends it to other archiving systems.

Comply with corporate regulations and requirements

With complete Unified Archiving, Retain helps you meet the requirements of; Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), GDPR, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, HIPAA, FERPA, The Federal Records Act, FISMA, PPRA, other local requirements, and more.

Meet legal obligations to preserve electronic information

Retain Unified Archiving enables you to meet archiving regulations and requirements as well as fulfill your duty to preserve electronic information.

Archive migration

Retain offers quick and seamless migration from your legacy archive system to Retain Unified Archive using TDS. This solution works in tandem with Retain, to take the risks and complexities out of the migration process.

Archive Email, Social Media, Mobile, and More in the Cloud

Cloud in
A secure, private cloud database

Retain Cloud Archiving provides you with a private cloud within our secure data centers, through our Cloud Providers, or through Public Cloud Infrastructure.

Storage time
Fast, easy access to your archive

Enable your end users to access, browse, and search your archive directly from their email client for quick and easy access.

Storage gear
Enhanced, granular archiving

Retain Cloud Archiving features enhanced granular archiving by taking advantage of the Microsoft Recoverable Items Folder and is not limited to journaling.

Built-in eDiscovery

eDiscovery and case management is built in to Retain Cloud Archiving at no additional cost and without the need for an add-on.

Smart, confidential, rule-based tagging

Built-in smart, confidential, and rule-based tagging allows for custom, searchable message tagging from directly within the archive.

Shield 6
Comprehensive data protection

Keep your messages fully protected and backed up. Retain Cloud Archiving’s secure, redundant data centers keep your messages fully protected and eliminates the risk of loss due to onsite server failure.

Retina scan
Private data storage

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your company’s data. Retain Cloud Archiving is stored separately from other organization’s data ensuring no one gains access to your private information.

Cloud secure
Worry-free deployment

Eliminate storage quota headaches and disk-space worries by archiving all your electronic communication data with Retain Cloud Archiving.

Powerful cloud data centers

Our cloud data centers feature SAS 70 Type II certification, HIPAA compliance, Multiple redundant centers for immediate failover, 24/7 monitoring and security, and 24/7 support and maintenance.

Tools 2
Zero limitations

Retain Cloud Archiving features unlimited hardware, data storage, and processing power – all on-demand.

Continuous support

Micro Focus provides worry-free implementation of Retain Cloud Archiving by providing 24/7 support and help with ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

Thumb up
Smooth implementation

Whether you’re implementing a new system, migratory, or multi-tenant, Micro Focus walks you through the entire implementation process from beginning to end.

Deploy Retain Unified Archiving on premises

The same features and capabilities are available both on-prem and in the cloud – providing you the ability to choose the solution that works best for your organization.

Like other emergency services, most people don’t care about archived email until they really need it. Retain was easy to install and straightforward to set up. I installed it on a Windows server we already had, making it even more cost effective.

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