Retain Unified Archiving

Archive all your business communication data – email, social, mobile – into one central location.

Retain Unified Archiving
Retain provides unified archiving of all business communications, including email, social media, and mobile communication data.
Archive email on-premises or cloud

Retain Unified Information Archiving provides a central location to easily archive and access your data, on-premises or in the cloud. Learn more.

Enable social media governance

All your corporate social media posts, videos, and message threads are available in one central archive, helping you to maintain governance. Learn more.

Access mobile communication data

Archiving your mobile communication data ensures that your employees are protected against data leaks and have access to valuable corporate data. Learn more.

Optimize system performance

Reduce your storage needs and the strain on your email server, and help your system run more freely, by archiving your valuable email content. Learn more.

All email, social, and mobile communication data is accessible from one central archive. Try our online demo to see for yourself. Username = "guest"; Password = "password".

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Case Studies

Roosevelt Island used Retain when it needed to implement IT system solutions while ensuring that they could still access valuable data.

PCS, the UK’s largest civil service trade union, used Retain to implement a central archiving strategy.

The City of East Grand Rapids implemented Retain in order to remain compliant with the Freedom of Information Act.

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