Rumba+ Desktop

The Modern Green Screen

User friendly. Highly secure. Built for mobility.

Keep it simple

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming, error-prone operations. Transform multiple, complex green screens into intuitive, user-friendly interfaces – without modifying the underlying application.

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Drive efficiency

Use modern controls to create a streamlined work environment. No more navigating away from, or switching between, multiple screens.

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Make secure connections

Safeguard your most valuable data and facilitate regulatory compliance with layers of security. From FIPS 140-2 validation to SSL, SSH, FTP, and Kerberos, Rumba+ Desktop has you covered.

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Integrate the host and IAM

Streamline and secure your host-access operation by teaming Reflection, Rumba+, or InfoConnect emulators with MSS. Working with your Security (IAM) system, MSS seamlessly propagates changes to application settings and user-specific content from a central server.

Take centralized control

Manage host-access operations from your central MSS console. Lock down 100s (or 1000s) of far-flung desktops with ease. Grant or deny access based on group or role.

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Reinforce security as you remove passwords

Finally, you can bring your host into the IAM fold. That means you can replace weak, eight-character passwords with strong, complex ones. Implement strong authentication.

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Rumba+ Desktop

A terminal emulation solution with innovative UI modernization technology that gives users an updated environment for accessing core applications on IBM, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS host systems.

Server software that works with your existing IAM system to centrally manage and secure InfoConnect, Reflection, and Rumba+ terminal emulation sessions.

Case Studies


When Allianz UK migrated to Windows 7, they also upgraded their Micro Focus® Rumba emulators – gaining new productivity features without losing existing work.

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Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors steers onto web in record time with Micro Focus

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Eliminate mainframe passwords

Automatic sign-on for mainframes is real-and more secure.


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