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  • Unburden service desk agents
    Unburden service desk agents
    Increase employee and IT productivity by creating and fulfilling services, and resolving issues faster with embedded machine learning and automation.
  • Decrease cost of ITSM
    Decrease cost of ITSM
    Avoid customizations and reduce the resources required to update and run your service desk – whether on-prem or in the cloud – and drive down TCO.
  • Simplify service desk use
    Simplify service desk use
    Satisfy employees and let them get back to work easily and faster with a consumer-like service experience they expect, at their desk or on the go.
  • Quick and easy access to hosted trial
    Quick and easy access to hosted trial
    Easily access SMAX on Micro Focus SaaS with a full featured set of demo data with simple registration and a Getting Started video to show you how to log in, load sample data and give a tour of the SMAX interface and features.
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  • System Requirements
    The trial is delivered by SaaS, only an HTML5 compatible web browser is required.
  • What does the trial include?
    • Access to SMAX on Micro Focus SaaS with a full featured set of demo data
    • Persona based access to all features and functionality for 15 days
      • Business user with access to the Self Service Portal to interact with the Service Catalog,Knowledge, Create, update and approve Requests and more
      • Admin user with access to all the SMAX ITSM, ITAM and ESM modules, apps, features and SMAX Studio to seamlessly create new apps aligned to your companies business processes

    *Note the outbound email notifications on the trial platform has been disabled to improve the user experience

    Does the trial come with out-of-the-box content?

    Yes. It includes a full featured set of demo data

    What version of SMAX does the trial include?

    The trial is based on the current release of SMAX

    Who can I contact if I have questions?

    You can ask a question or post a discussion on the SMAX User Discussions community page.

    Where can I go to get more information about SMAX?

    Documentation is available on the Practitioner Portal

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