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Silk Central

Unified test management.

Silk Central
Unified test management with OpenText™ Silk Central drives reuse and efficiency. It gives you the visibility you need to control application readiness.

Increased Efficiency

Drive reuse and reduce overhead.

Achieve higher reuse and reduce test overhead with Silk Central’s keyword-driven software testing, shared test assets, and business process testing.

Reduce overall test execution time and drive efficiency.
Cut test maintenance overhead across projects.

Increased Efficiency

Control and Visibility

Control application readiness.

Measure application quality against your objectives with requirements-driven and risk-based testing management approach.

Optimally allocate testing efforts and enforce processes with asset workflow.
Provide real-time visibility to testing metrics and full traceability.

Control and Visibility

Unified Testing

Unify automated and manual testing.

Manage both automated testing and manual testing together to gain consistency, coverage, and a seamless transition between them.

Easily convert between manual and automated tests.
Consistently combine manual and automated tests in execution and reporting.

Unified Testing

Additional Features

Hybrid Management

Keep your testing assets relevant, no matter how your development methods evolve.

Open Test Ecosystem

Build your environment using out-of-the-box integrations with dev and testing tools.

Web-Based Implementation

Reduce the cost of client rollout and maintenance with a pure web-based user interface.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “We can deliver new software releases much faster using our Silk-powered testing process.”

    James Griffiths
    Automation Architect
    ACI Worldwide
  • “It was vital that our new solution could manage a complete test cycle. Silk Central proved just that.”

    Michael Florin
    Test Manager
    Viacar AG
  • “With a complete Silk-driven test management and automation solution, we have full visibility of all testing processes.”

    Gianluca Tonti
    Testing Competence Center Manager
    Credito Emiliano S.p.A


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