Silk Central

Centralized Test Management

Unify all test assets into a single planning and execution hub.

Drive quality across your business process tests

The business process testing capabilities in Silk Central support organizations validating end-to-end processes across different business units and provides the control, traceability, and results of end-to-end processes.

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Easier collaboration and establishment of traceability

Silk Central is an open platform which facilitates collaboration and establishes traceability through integration of requirements, automation, source code control, and defect tracking tools.

Support for Agile, traditional, or hybrid methodologies

Silk Central delivers control over application quality by providing consistent, repeatable processes for traditional methodologies or Agile.

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Real time access to analytics and reporting

Make metrics and analytics reports accessible to all using email, intranet, or a portal. With full traceability of issues you can make result files and progress status available in a format you can view online, print, or export to a PDF.

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Highlighting of quality goals and risk mitigation

Silk Central helps testers prioritize, execute, and demonstrate how test efforts respond to initiatives such as risk-based testing and requirement-driven testing.


See how Silk Central improves effective collaboration across teams

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