Silk Central Connect

Test Web Applications Quickly with Silk Central Connect

Delivering broad-ranging testing at maximum speed through virtual execution environments.


Silk Central Connect is the go-to for web developers who need to test every web application on a wide variety of browsers, without spending inordinate amounts of funds on hardware. Working with all of the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, Silk Central Connect integrates with Micro Focus Silk Test and enables the growth of sustainable test sets over time. Contributions to test automation can be made from many different users.

  • No expensive hardware required for testing in the Cloud.
  • View web applications on many platforms with ease.
  • Get a side-by-side comparison of all test results.
  • Virtual and physical test environments can be managed easily.
  • Enables testing of public and internal applications.
  • Integrates with Silk Test for an even broader range of browsers.
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Enable Keyword-driven testing

Whether it is a simple unit test or a huge business workflow, testing has to be able to capture all aspects of an application. Silk Test smoothly separates test design from implementation.

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Integrated auto-scan for instant results

Silk Central Connect includes an “auto-scan” of any web application by screenshotting each URL on each browser. It does not require a new test or a new tool: simply click on the button and start seeing results.

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Configure tests in the cloud

Test environments can be created based on virtual images hosted in the Amazon Cloud or based on physical machines, keeping costs down.

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Fix issues quickly with side-by-side comparison

Silk Central Connect enables side-by-side comparisons of test results, which makes it possible to see where problems are in just one minute.

Improved integration with Silk Test

Silk Central Connect and Silk Test integrate easily to build a sustainable test set for every enterprise, creating ideal configuration testing.

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