Silk Test

Eliminate the Speed and Quality Compromise

Test automation for web, mobile, rich-client, and Enterprise applications.

Stopwatch 3
Silk Test for leveraging the Selenium/WebDriver standard

Leverage existing Selenium scripts by recording additional steps in Silk Test for desktops or mobile browsers. Run existing scripts faster by eliminating unnecessary wait-statements.

Mobile 3
Mobile application testing

Use Silk Test for regression, cross-platform, and localization testing of all mobile application types, including mobile web, mobile native, and hybrid applications. Create and maintain functional tests to accelerate time to market.

Certificate 1
Virtualize Services

Create realistic simulations of service behavior while saving time and effort with embedded back-end service virtualization.

Various 3
Re-use test assets for performance testing and monitoring

Applies to both functional tests and performance tests. Silk Test makes it easy to reuse those tests as performance tests and for synthetic monitoring purposes as well.

Time forward
Speed and quality

Maintain rigorous quality standards and accelerate application testing on any device and platform. Standardize your validation efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications using a single, powerful test automation solution.

Continuous testing

Silk Test makes it easy to integrate functional testing in the CI/CD pipeline. Parallel test execution accelerates test timelines providing prompt feedback on daily check-ins or nightly-builds.

Credito Emiliano gains visibility of test processes and increased velocity with Micro Focus

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