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Agentless application monitoring that provides heterogeneous and hybrid support.

Quick time to value with easy installation and configuration.

Automated application monitoring

Dynamic cloud environments

Configure and automate application monitoring for today’s dynamic cloud environments using APIs, Operation Orchestration flows, and Hybrid Cloud Management.

Configure and automate application monitoring.


Intuitive monitoring management

Add and remove counters and thresholds.

Dynamically update by adding and removing counters and thresholds as virtual machines move from one host system to another.

Change thresholds based on historical monitoring data.


Centralized Control

Fast ROI

Achieve fast ROI – zero to value in less than 60 minutes – through rapid installation, updating, monitoring, and deployment by using mass-deploy templates and the publish changes feature.

Rapid installation, updating, monitoring, and deployment.


Additional Features

100+ host types and app platforms

Monitor utilization, response time, usage, and availability across a variety of host types and application platforms.

Cloud, virtualization, Docker and Kubernetes ready

Incorporate a broad range of virtualization platform and monitoring types for auto-scaling, alerting, and reporting support.

Multi-vendor systems management

Monitor products from multiple vendors to predict potential problems in critical applications before users are affected.


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