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  • Shift-left test
    Shift-left and accelerate delivery
    Accelerate delivery with a shift-left test automation tool using the IDE, language, & testing frameworks of choice
  • Enhance open source testing
    Enhance open source testing
    Enhance open source testing frameworks, use existing tests or create new reusable Selenium tests in minutes
  • Accelerate test execution
    Accelerate test execution
    Object identification tools, parallel testing, & record/replay accelerate test execution & improve code quality
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
    Eliminate bottlenecks
    Embedded service virtualization provides delay-free, continuous testing with built-in services simulations
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  • Processor

    • 1.6 GHz or faster Dual Core x86-bit or x64-bit processor


    • 2 GB
      • Recommended: Windows : 8GB
      • Linux/Mac: 4GB

    Hard disk

    • 2 GB available disk space

    Operating system

    • Windows
    • Citrix Meta frame Presentation server
    • Linux Desktop
    • Mac OS
      *For details on the supported operating systems versions, please see the Product Availability Matrix


      Create UFT Developer tests using C#, Java or JavaScript in the most common IDEs like VisualStudio, Eclipse or IntelliJ.
      *For details on the supported IDE versions, see the Product Availability Matrix

    .Net framework (Windows only)

    • 4.8

    Java JRE

    • 1.7


  • What's included in my trial?

    In your free product trial, you'll get complete access to the UFT Developer software, as well as a 30-day license key.

    What happens at the end of my trial?

    At the end of your 30-day trial period, your product will no longer function. You can inquire on pricing or purchase the product by contacting our Sales and Support Center via phone at 1-877-686-9637 or online via this web form.

    How can I buy the product?

    If you would like to purchase UFT Developer or have questions regarding product pricing, please visit the UFT Developer pricing page, or contact us via phone at 1-877-686-9637 or online via this web form.

    What if I have more questions?

    Check out our Community Forum or Help Center for support, discussions, and other UFT One resources.

    Can I integrate my UFT Developer tests into Jenkins or other CI systems?

    Yes. For details, see Run tests using a CI system.

    Can I use my existing UFT license to run UFT Developer?

    Yes. UFT Developer supports a variety of license editions, giving you a different set of functionality. For details, see UFT Developer licensing.

    Can I manage and run my UFT Developer tests in ALM?

    Yes. You can manage and run UFT Developer tests from supported versions of ALM. For a list of supported versions, see the Product Availability Matrix. For more information, see Integrate UFT Developer and ALM.

    Can I use UFT Developer to test Windows-based applications and other technologies in addition to browser-based applications?

    Yes. UFT Developer supports many technologies. The .NET, Java, and JavaScript SDKs include support for Standard Windows, Web, Mobile, .NET Windows Forms, WPF, SAP GUI and SAPUI5, Java, and more. For a complete list of supported technologies, see the .NET SDK Reference, Java SDK Reference, or JavaScript SDK Reference. To see supported versions of each technology, see the Product Availability Matrix.

    Does UFT Developer integrate with source control tools?

    UFT Developer assets are standard source files, for example, code files, xmls, etc. You can use the same source control system for UFT Developer assets as you use for all other code files.

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