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UFT Digital Lab

Test anywhere. Amplify productivity.

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Our enterprise-level solution is a complete, centralized lab of real mobile devices and emulators. With remote access, developers and testers can develop, debug, test, monitor, and optimize mobile apps from anywhere.

Public Devices

Test on Even More Devices. Pay Only For What You Use.

You can now run your tests on the OpenText fleet of public devices. This is in additional to the many deployment options that OpenText™ UFT Digital Lab provides.
With public devices you can easily scale-up and test on more concurrent devices when needed. You can also further increase your coverage and test on a greater variety of device, without having to purchase and maintian additonal devices.

Public Devices
Devices queue
iOS signing
Pay-per-use licensing

Remote Access

Increase team productivity.

The centralized Digital devices lab and management gateway allows developers and testers to validate all aspects of the mobile experience from any location.

Supports continuous testing of omnichannel apps.
Allows devices to be hosted locally or as-a-service.

Cloud Browser Testing

Eliminate machine management hassles.

Run your tests on Digital Lab cloud desktop browsers.

Streamline your testing coverage by testing on a variety of browsers and versions concurrently from any location around the world.
Enjoy parallel and fast automated test execution with outstanding performance, and forget about dealing with infrastructure.



Additional Features

Production Monitoring

Analyze availability and performance with OpenText™ UFT One, VuGen, and Business Process Monitor.

Open Source Integrations

Integrate open source testing tools, such as Appium and Selenium.

Awards and Accolades

Forrester wave leader 2022
Forrester wave leader 2022

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • "With UFT One and UFT Digital Lab, we were able to implement effective automation within 48 hours.”

    Daniel Wainwright
    Chief Digital Officer
    Digital Assured
  • “I had worked with UFT Digital Lab on other projects, and the ability to use real mobile devices instead of emulators is really essential in a large-scale testing project.”

    Daniel Wainwright
    Chief Digital Officer
    Digital Assured


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