UFT One Downloads

UFT One Installation Packages

You can install UFT One from one of the following packages:

A full installation package. This provides the UFT One Setup program as well as independent installations of the following programs:
* UFT One Add-in for ALM
* Run Results Viewer
* Localized support for CN, JA, DE, FR and RU
* Setup programs for the Extensibility SDKs, and the Web 2.0 add-ins.

A compressed downloadable UFT One installation package from the web. It is smaller and faster to download than the full installation package.
This installation package installs the same features as the UFT One installation setup program but does not include options to perform independent installations of the UFT One Add-in for the ALM, the Run Results Viewer, Extensibility SDKs, or the localized support.

IMPORTANT: When installing UFT One from the compressed package, you must have an internet connection to download the prerequisite software.      

Prior to installing UFT One, please ensure you have administrative access and run the installer as Admin by right clicking and selecting “Run as Administrator”

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