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ValueEdge Insights

Use AI to improve flow.

OpenText™ ValueEdge Insights uses AI to improve flow and reduce waste. Value stream management starts with accurate and insightful metrics. Built-in AI reaches across the entire software delivery lifecycle and shows you where to take action.

VSM Dashboards

Measure what’s important.

Use flow metrics and other value stream management KPIs to optimize your delivery.

VSM Dashboards
Show trends over time to track improvement.
VSM Dashboards
Track value as it flows through the software delivery lifecycle, from concept to customer.


Actionable Recommendations

Identify and drill down to root causes.

Use powerful, AI-based root cause analysis to take action. Identify common issues and the strongest correlations. And get recommendations for how to improve.

Save time analyzing data with machine learning and AI.
Spot and remove bottlenecks to speed up time to market.


Real-Time Analysis

Make more effective decisions.

Get insight into your development velocity, project duration, and quality levels—all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Measure automation ROI to track the value of your investment.
Compare results over time.


Additional Features

Role-Based and Customizable

Widgets and graphs for value stream traversing make sense of your data.

Meaningful Metrics

Get instant insight into efficiency, quality, and effectiveness.

Connect All Your Data
Integrate with all your tools to get complete visibility across the software delivery lifecycle.

Awards and Accolades

OpenText™ ValueEdge Named a Strong Performer


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