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Verastream Bridge Integrator

Reuse CICS apps in new and meaningful ways.


When it comes to high-demand transaction processing, the prevailing technology worldwide is Customer Information Control System. Despite being a top performer, CICS is an inflexible application that doesn't like to share its assets. Verastream Bridge Integrator (formerly Attachmate Verastream Bridge Integrator) helps it interact with other systems.

  • Integrate CICS and SOAs. Quickly expose and reuse CICS applications within service-oriented architectures.
  • Preserve coded processes. Use the inherent CICS workflow to create new services.
  • Work faster. Speed up performance by interacting directly with the business logic that governs screen creation.
Complete your last SOA mile

Complete your last SOA mile

Quickly expose and reuse CICS applications within service-oriented architectures. The lightweight Verastream Bridge Integrator engine resides locally in the CICS region, so you can easily tap into the power of the mainframe.

Adapt to SOA

Adapt to SOA

Adapt your CICS applications to your SOAs, despite the lack of a presentation interface. Verastream requires no risky changes to CICS code. A flexible abstraction method lets you enable direct interaction with CICS business functions, right where they sit.

Adapt to SOA

Use what's familiar

Interact with your CICS applications using the familiar IBM Link3270 Bridge. Verastream ensures a painless integration process by passing data to the CICS application in whatever format is required.

Case Study



NGA used one solution – Verastream – to help a large pharmaceutical and health care client solve three complicated IT problems.

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