Verastream Bridge Integrator


Bridge Designer

  • Using this designer you can generate source code modules and web services (both SOAP and REST) that provide host access capability to your CICS 3270 Bridge applications.

    • Supported platforms: Windows

Transaction Studios

  • Import COBOL copybooks that describe the transactions that you want to expose through your custom application.
    • Supported platforms: Windows
    • Prerequisites: 32-bit Java

Host Data Engine

  • The on-host component of VBI. The data engine is installed in each CICS region that your installation sets up to receive network requests from the Bridge Integrator CICS server or client.
    • Supported platforms: OS/390 V2R10, z/OS, CICS Transaction Server for z/OS 3.1, 4.1, and 5.1
    • Prerequisites: TCP/IP must be configured and active

Verastream Process Designer Design Studio

  • The Design Studio makes it simple to orchestrate different Web services into a single BPEL process.

Verastream Process Designer Process Server

  • The Process Server provides access to the Web services container that exposes any JAX-WS standard Java Web service.

Reflection for Secure IT client for Windows

  • This SSH Client provides enhanced SSH support via a secure encrypted SSH tunnel to the mainframe.
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