Verastream Host Integrator

Unshackle Your Host Applications

Put them to use in today’s strategic projects.

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Reuse. Reuse. Reuse.

Put your host applications to work in new and meaningful ways. Isolate business processes and move them beyond the legacy box. Now they can fuel mobile deployment, SOA integration, web self-service, and more.

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Build on what you already have

Save valuable resources by using existing development skills and familiar IT tools. The entire integration process picks up speed as completed projects become the building blocks for new initiatives.

Keep application code intact

No one wants to risk breaking the backend logic that runs your business. With Verastream you can safely encapsulate the heart of the mainframe application without changes to critical code.

Case Studies


Verastream boosts productivity and consolidates systems through a flexible web services business model.

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NGA used one solution – Micro Focus Verastream – to help a large pharmaceutical and health care client solve three complicated IT problems.

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Northumbria Police

Introduced a cost-effective, modern interface on a choice of devices with Verastream.

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The best thing about Verastream is that the host applications don't need to be modified. In just a short time the consultants had built a solution that we could use in our production processes. And thanks to Verastream, we can now adopt new IT processes and architectures.

Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH

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