Verastream Process Designer

Mainframe Service Orchestration

Enhance mainframe web services with new business logic.

Mainframe Service Orchestration
Make your services work for you

Verastream Process Designer is a one-stop orchestration platform that lets you apply governing logic and business rules to projects ranging from web portals and mobile apps to contact center integration.

Tools 1
Simplify tasks with a structured, portable tool

Build new systems without the need for in-depth programming skills. Step-by-step wizards give you the power to handle complex tasks – no development skills required.

Accelerate success
Take legacy integration further

Compose multifunction services that aggregate other services. These new composite services broaden capabilities, yet simplify usage, letting you expose as much or as little of any interface for any consumer of the service.

Case Study


NGA used one solution – Verastream – to help a large pharmaceutical and health care client solve three complicated IT problems.

Verastream Process Designer glossary

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