Big Data Analytics Services

Accelerate your data-driven journey with our advisory, transformation, and implementation services.
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  • In a fast-paced digital world, your competitive advantage lies with near real-time decision making. You need accurate, up-to-date insight, and a partner who can help you overcome the pitfalls on your way to harnessing big data analytics. We help you meet your enterprise objectives with a comprehensive portfolio of services that span from strategy to realization.

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Voice of the customer rapid deploy solution

Voice of the Customer Rapid Deploy Solution

Turn multi-channel customer interactions into business intelligence with customizable marketing analytics, allowing you to more rapidly capitalize on new opportunities at a fraction of the cost. Read brochure

Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy Solution

Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy Solution

Revolutionize the way your organization harnesses, understands, and uses enormous amounts of valuable information that directly impacts the level of care you provide to patients. Read brochure

Smart Data Center Analytics Service

Gain insight into what exists in the data center and how it is interconnected through a data-driven, intelligence-based approach to data center transformation. Read data sheet

Parallel Streaming Transformation Loader (PSTL)

Dramatically reduce the time and latency of real-time data collection, loading, and transformation with this real-time data ingestion solution. Read data sheet

Google Search Appliance Replacement

Simplify and accelerate the transition from an existing search appliance to deliver superior search capability and a solid machine-learning platform. Read service brief

The five stages of big data adoption

Journey through the five stages of big data adoption and become a mature, data-driven organization.
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