DevOps Training

Help your leaders and the entire organization understand the benefits, challenges, principles, and methods of DevOps to drive a successful transformation.

Learn about the people, process, and technology of DevOps

DevOps education helps organizations bridge old and new, unifying customers’ IT investments with emerging technologies to meet increasingly complex business demands. This role-based portfolio includes workshops for executives, managers, and decision makers around the benefits, challenges, and processes of the transformation journey. DevOps courses include awareness, adoption, and tools training.

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DevOps Training
Multiple teams become one

Multiple teams become one

Eliminate cultural resistance and transform multiple groups into a DevOps team by using education to establish common terminology, standards, processes, role competence, and expectations.

Micro Focus and third party solutions

Micro Focus and third party solutions

Get smart on DevOps through training on Micro Focus solutions, development processes, third-party tools, and IT4IT, DevOps, Agile, and SAFe organization processes. View course catalog

Adoption Readiness Tool

Provide full lifecycle training and performance support to your DevOps team by using ART as your training content development platform. Learn About ART

Tech Beacon

Visit this development, security, and IT digital hub to gain insight to the real-world business challenges shaping the future of IT. Get Tech Beacon

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