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OneSource Content Management System (CMS) for Sharepoint

A responsive Content Management System(CMS) solution for SharePoint & SharePoint Online

Get the most out of your Office 365 investment and develop a modern Intranet

SharePoint is the most popular platform for building Company Intranets and SharePoint Online now comes as part of Office 365. OneSource Intranet Accelerator for SharePoint is a Content Management System (CMS) delivered as-a-service, which helps you unleash the power of Microsoft SharePoint, one of the most popular corporate intranet platforms.

Addressing the existing cost and lead time challenges related to Intranet site management we will help you empower your organization to create content rich, engaging and informative SharePoint intranet sites to boost intra-company communication, information dissemination, collaboration and knowledge sharing, all at a lower price point.

The OneSource accelerator for SharePoint CMS allows companies to take advantage of this by speeding up time to create a new Intranet from an average of 1 year plus to a matter of weeks.


80% of Fortune 100 companies use SharePoint


10x faster site creation


74% cost savings

OneSource Intranet Accelerator for SharePoint

    OneSource overview

    OneSource Intranet Accelerator for SharePoint helps you unleash the power of Microsoft SharePoint:

    • Easy to use, drag-and-drop interface, suitable for business users
    • Control, manage and structure content in real-time
    • Full corporate brand compliance
    • Responsive design catering for both mobile & web
    • Built-in rich set of components: carousels, polls, tabs, news feeds, galleries, multimedia and many more
    • Complementary web analytics
    • Fast load times on high-latency networks
    OneSource overview

    Intranets should be easy

    A corporate intranet is a critical element of the digital workplace. It is how you communicate to your employees, publish content, and share news. It is how your teams collaborate, store documents, and share knowledge. In an age of information overload, a great intranet where you can quickly find what you need is perhaps the best productivity tool you could have.

    Intranets should be easy

    Designed to comply with Mobile & Web Accessibility Standards

    As well as being able to render on smart phones, tablet and desktops it is also cross browser compatible and fully supports the WCAG 2.0 and VPAT standards for accessibility compliance.

    Designed to comply with Mobile & Web Accessibility Standards
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