Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)

Accelerate user adoption, raise productivity and deliver continuous enablement by using ART as your training content development platform.

Rapid e-learning and continuous enablement when you need it

Create customized education, documentation, and performance support content with ART. Increase efficiencies by customizing pre-built Micro Focus content. Record-once/publish-many technology, makes it possible for anyone in your organization to easily and quickly capture or document knowledge and distribute content to employees at the moment of need, in the right format.

Watch this video to see how ART helps solve the common IT education challenges facing today’s organizations
Rapid Recorder makes custom content development easy

Ask anyone to record content with ART because the Rapid Recorder makes it easy.  Use pre-configured templates, recorder settings, and file naming conventions for high-quality recordings. 

Show Me and Try Me for a “hands-on” experience
Show-Me and Try-Me for a “Hands-On” experience

Embedded “Show Me” and “Try Me” interactive simulations provide you a hands-on e-learning software experience.

ART Enterprise Learning Edition

Take your e-learning tool to the next level with the ART Enterprise Learning Edition (ELE) to add collaborative workflows, out of the box reporting and more.

ART Services, from Jump Start to Health Chart

Accelerate your ART time-to-value by leveraging our services for ART deployment, custom content development and knowledge transfer. Read white paper

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