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FAQs on Micro Focus License Verification & Policies

What is Micro Focus’ license verification policy?

Micro Focus’ license verification policy is governed by the principles set out in Micro Focus’ License Compliance Charter which can be read here.

Micro Focus takes the protection of its intellectual property very seriously. It has invested heavily in its products, through development and acquisition and has a responsibility to its shareholders to protect the value and integrity of its intellectual property and manages its licensing through license agreements with its customers. Along with other leading software suppliers, Micro Focus has developed a License Verification policy to assist in protecting its intellectual property.

If Micro Focus becomes aware that a customer may have or be at risk of having a licensing issue it will write to the customer explaining that there may be a licensing issue and requesting the provision of deployment, usage and other relevant information as required under the license agreement. This may be requested in the form of completion by the customer of a license verification questionnaire, an assessment by a Micro Focus representative, a mutual system review and/or an onsite data collection performed by a Micro Focus or third party auditor.

If a license issue is discovered, Micro Focus will propose a resolution to enable the customer to obtain the correct licenses. Micro Focus’ Global Compliance Team is committed to working with customers to resolve any licensing issues quickly, amicably and commercially, with minimum disruption to our customer’s business. We expect to resolve issues within 30 days of first contacting a customer. In return, we expect our customers to co-operate with us by providing complete information and to resolving identified licensing issues promptly.


What causes licensing issues of Micro Focus' products?

Licensing issues can happen unintentionally. Micro Focus does understand that mergers or acquisitions within our customer organisations, changing deployment practices, lack of license management and simple misunderstandings about license requirements typically cause questions or concerns about whether an organisation is correctly licensed. We welcome our customers letting us know of any licensing issues they anticipate or come across so that they can be resolved swiftly.

Examples of causes of licensing issues:

  • Mergers or acquisitions within customer organisations (Micro Focus’ licenses are not freely transferable)
  • Users not ensuring they know the detail of applicable licensing terms
  • Users assuming that old End User License Agreement terms apply to later products (just as our products evolve, so too do Micro Focus’ licensing models need to change from time to time).
  • Change of use (for example, starting batch or online use) by the user of Micro Focus’ products
  • Change of hardware environment (for example, increased CPU/core count)
  • Change of people/knowledge base within customer organisations
  • Deployment outside of the licensed territory
  • Deployment or use by third parties.
  • Implementing new applications (purchase of application licenses without obtaining any or sufficient deployment licenses)
  • Installation of unlicensed software


How will Micro Focus work with us on licensing issues

Micro Focus takes a firm and fair approach to resolving licensing issues with customers in a consultative manner. Micro Focus’ license verification process supports customer understanding of license options and helps to identify and resolve licensing issues. Customers can read more about the license verification process here.


How long will a license verification process take to assess use and resolve any issues?

If Micro Focus identifies an apparent licensing issues situation, it will write to the customer explaining that Micro Focus believes there may be an issue and will expect to resolve any licensing issue within thirty days. Further details of the stages involved in the license verification process can be found


Who can we contact for help?

You can request support at any time via email to Customers who are engaged in a license verification process may escalate their concerns within the Micro Focus organization by contacting Micro Focus’ Global License Verification Director in the first instance (, President of Sales or Chief Operating Officer.


Micro Focus – HPE-Software Integration


My organization is going through a software audit with Micro Focus. How will Micro Focus and HPE-Software integration impact the current process?

There is no anticipated change to the audit process for Micro Focus or HPE-Software customers until further notified by the compliance team. In case of further questions, please contact


I am a customer of both HPE-SOFTWARE and Micro Focus. How would this integration impact my existing contracts and compliance expectations?

There will be no change to HPE-Software or Micro Focus compliance processes and policies until further notified. You can refer to Micro Focus license verification process on License Verification. Both Micro Focus and HPE-Software will continue to follow their respective procedures based on your existing contracts. In case of further questions, please contact


Where can I go if I have more questions on compliance and audit process?

Please submit your question or request to

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