Application Modernization and Connectivity

Accelerate delivery speed for core business systems by modernizing current technology, process and infrastructure

Unlock business value across a hybrid IT infrastructure

Core business applications, often COBOL-based, are the lifeblood of organizations. Thriving in a competitive digital landscape means transforming the systems hosting core business processes.

Micro Focus enables this transformation with the lowest cost and risk, through a comprehensive solution across three key pillars of modernization:


Extend application value with low-risk innovation. From a modernized, secure web and mobile experience, to process automation, to APIs, web services, and managed code models that support composite application delivery.


Match enterprise application delivery speed to today’s required pace of change. Achieve DevOps-ready rapid application understanding, agile development, continuous testing, accelerated delivery, and controlled user access.


Achieve flexibility, security, and cost efficiency by deploying applications across host, server, Cloud, and mobile, insulating valued IT systems from infrastructure changes while assuring access security, governance, and data protection controls.

With Micro Focus you can:

  • Modernize your application delivery process with new practices and tools for Agile and DevOps
  • Redefine where and how applications are built and deployed
  • Unlock and modernize access to mainframe applications and data
  • Build next-generation services for integrating business processes and systems

Achieve unprecedented speed to market, competitive advantage, and operational efficiency with Micro Focus’ enterprise application modernization and connectivity.

I need to…

Time forward
Accelerate time to market of mainframe applications

Learn how to improve application development and testing on the mainframe while controlling cost and risk.

Support flexible deployment across a hybrid IT infrastructure

Learn how to manage cost and optimize resources where possible.

Shorten COBOL app delivery cycles and cut costs

Learn how to deliver new application functionality faster and deploy new workloads to Linux, Docker, and the Cloud.

Doc bar
Deliver real-time, relational access to distributed COBOL data files

Learn how to provide the ability to report and analyze COBOL data using off-the-shelf tools such as Excel or Crystal Reports.

Shield 6
Strengthen core application access security and data protection

Learn how to implement multi-factor authentication, data encryption and masking to secure access to critical applications.

Cloud in
Integrate mainframe and UNIX systems with Cloud apps

Learn how to web service-enable systems of record to support new enterprise Cloud apps and digital workflow.

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