Adaptive Backup and Recovery

Predictive data protection across hybrid IT

  • Legacy backup can’t handle the increasing complexity and diversity of hybrid IT environments. Disparate backup apps in infrastructure centric silos risk recovery time and data loss, along with your budget. You need standardized, Data Centric Backup across both legacy and modern infrastructures to protect the business at scale.

  • Set and forget no longer cuts it. You’re expected to treat every app as mission critical, miring your team in service level agreement (SLA) demands. Intelligent automation, intuitive analytics and single click application recovery arms you with Predictive SLA Management for your productivity systems so you can free your team and drive business continuity.

    Analytics enhances RheinEnergie AG SLA confidence

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  • Cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. Simply securing the perimeter and detecting and responding to malicious activity is no longer enough. The best defense requires backup as a core component of your security strategy– but not just any backup. You need a proactive and intelligent approach with advanced backup and recovery techniques.

    Nebraska Medicine guards its data with integrated Micro Focus solution

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Data Centric Backup

Your business expects that its backup and recovery safety net must adapt to changing IT environments. A standardized, data centric backup architecture can scale across hybrid IT platforms and protect data transparently, no matter where it resides or how it is moved within your environment.

Deep storage layer integration and a flexible 4-tier architecture lets you use and deploy existing infrastructure on your terms.
File, predictive, and operational analytics provide insight into backup operations, reduce storage cost and footprint, and enable smart data management.
Automated storage tiering across disk, tape, and cloud targets reduces cost and complexity of managing and storing data.
Protect at scale with proven 20,000 clients and 80 PB of data.
Data Centric Backup
Predictive SLA  Management
Predictive SLA Management

Keeping track of your SLAs is the only way you can confidently meet availability demands. Intuitive analytics lets you track and manage SLAs for your critical workloads. Deep integration with the application and storage layer provides intelligent automation that reduces reliance on manual interventions and custom scripts, lowering the risk of service disruptions.

Advanced analytics for SLA management and monitoring provides visibility into SLAs for all workloads.
Alerts and recommendation framework helps you meet SLAs consistently.
Single-click point in time restore based on intelligent automation eliminates manual process.
Integration with a broad range of apps including SAP, SAP HANA, Oracle, MySQL, SharePoint and Exchange supports strict SLAs at an unprecedented scale.
Security Activated Backup

Victims of attacks such as ransomware have two choices – restore data from their backup, or pay. To prepare, your security strategy needs advanced backup capabilities across three key areas: Sophisticated backup security features to ensure the backup application itself; Quick and easy restoration of data should an attack occur in the production environment; and Advanced analytics to identify your data.

Security capabilities including secure peering, in-flight/at-rest data encryption, and centralized command and execution minimize risk associated with breaches such as Man in the Middle attacks.
Centralized system recovery (Bare metal), offsite DR, object copy across disk, tape, cloud, and auto-tiering to a secure cloud target for long term retention minimizes risk and impact of system downtime from attacks such as Ransomware.
Advanced file analytics to understand/classify data and know where vulnerabilities are, eliminate redundant/obsolete information, and prioritize protection for the most critical applications and data.
Security Activated Backup
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