Business Continuity Solutions

Powerful, proven and practical business continuity solutions, file management systems and network management systems for the modern organization.


Learn more about how business continuity solutions can enhance organization resilience and user productivity by simplifying your file and network management systems. In addition, they enable you to securely print and share files throughout your enterprise.

I need to…
face to face
Migrate my data and services

I need to move to a server that costs less than a Windows migration, lets me leverage my current IT investments, and delivers key file management system services at low cost.
Learn How You Can Keep Your Current Infrastructure ›

Lock key
Securely and efficiently protect my organization’s files and content

I need mobile file access, collaborative file sharing and business continuity solutions that require less administration, provide better security, and enable more productive users. I need to know which users have permission to share files, what files they share and who they can share the files with. I need to give users access to their files and network folders from any location or device.
Discover an Enterprise-class Alternative to Cloud-based File Sharing ›

Storage gear
Find out what data is being stored on my network and who has access to it

I need to identify the data being stored on my corporate networks and who can access it. Subsequently, I’d like to determine what data to keep and what information to archive or delete.
Learn How You Can Find, Report, and Present the File System Data and Security Information You Want ›

Password 1
Know that critical file management tasks take place when and how they're supposed to

I need to create user home folders with the correct access rights, load balance data across servers, and dispose of files once they become irrelevant.
Learn How You Can Automate File Management ›

Deliver multi-platform file, print, and network services for less

I need to enjoy lower TCO while still efficiently delivering file, print, and network management system services to multiple end-user platforms on a wide range of devices. How can I economically leverage business continuity solutions to deliver business-critical file, print, and network services to my end-users?
Learn How to Leverage an Effective Network OS that's Less Expensive than Windows ›

Economically manage expanding data and storage needs in my enterprise

The amount of data in storage just keeps on growing and my users require reliable access to ever larger files. However, I need to control storage costs and utilize larger storage volumes more effectively. How can I economically manage, maximize, and scale my data and storage to meet today's rapidly growing demands?
Find Out How to Easily Manage Data Growth and Storage Management Tasks ›

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