Detect and Disrupt Data Breaches Quickly

Speed up alert and response times while significantly reducing the risk of a serious data breach.

Protect your critical assets

After data breaches occur, analysis often finds clear evidence of malicious activity in the audit logs. If you can detect threats to your systems in time, you can stop them before they can do damage.

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Quickly identify threats before they cause damage

You need real-time information and analysis of security events in order to rapidly spot things that are out of the ordinary and may require a closer look. SIEM technology establishes baselines of normal activity patterns in your system, giving you real-time security analytics to help you identify inconsistencies.

Sharpen visibility into user activities

Often the real challenge is defending against internal users, who have legitimate access to systems and information as part of their job function. By integrating security monitoring technology with identity management, you can enrich your security data with the unique identity information of users and administrators.

Develop security intelligence for defense against attacks

Monitor data from hosts, applications, network devices, and databases. Then, integrate this data with identity management to align it with your business objectives and compliance mandates. You’ll gain real-time visibility into your overall state of security and compliance.

Provide the right data to the right stakeholder

Your CISO, Compliance Officer, Auditor, security personnel, and IT professionals need to get information in a way that lets them take precise action in minutes – not hours or days. All of this helps you improve your security incident response, mitigate risk, and protect your assets.

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