Deliver New Applications and Services to My Customers Across a Variety of Platforms Using COBOL and Next-Generation Technologies


My IT landscape is becoming more complex to manage. The majority of my time is spent on running the business rather than developing new innovation. In order to maintain market share and pursue new opportunity, I must innovate quickly while preserving core assets. How do I leverage my core business systems written in COBOL to innovate faster while managing cost and risk?

We help you…

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Deploy existing COBOL applications to new platforms and modern architectures

Easily redeploy your COBOL applications to the widest choice of platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, .NET, the Java Virtual Machine, and the Cloud. Future-proof your applications from change using the industry’s most popular and portable application environment for enterprise applications. Take your COBOL business rules and data to new environments with ease. With Micro Focus COBOL solutions, you write once and run anywhere.

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API-enable your COBOL applications using web services, REST, and JSON technologies

Leverage what already works – your business applications. Bind the flexibility of a web services architecture with the scalability and resiliency of your COBOL systems. Make core application functions available securely across the enterprise using industry standard technology or easily integrate with COBOL systems using RESTful APIs and web service interfaces. Whether an ACUCOBOL, RM/COBOL, Net Express, Server Express, or Mainframe COBOL user, embracing web services is simple using Micro Focus solutions.

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Deliver a better user experience (UX) by modernizing your COBOL user interface (UI) with web and mobile technology

Modernize your COBOL applications using HTML-5, Microsoft Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) or Win Forms technology. Whether you’re a Net Express, Server Express, Dialog Systems or ACUCOBOL-GT user, easily refresh the look and feel of traditional COBOL applications or transform the UI altogether. Go from green screen to web and mobile with Micro Focus Visual COBOL and extend solutions.

Simplify COBOL data access across the enterprise while enabling better business integration

COBOL data files are trusted, proven, and high performant, but within a world of relational data they can be difficult to work with across the enterprise. Micro Focus Relativity provides a seamless bridge between COBOL data files and relational database management systems (RDBMS), enabling easy data integration with Microsoft Excel and other business reporting tools. Micro Focus Database Connectors and ACU XDBC enable fast connectivity to relational databases using standard ODBC interfaces. These collective solutions offer a cost effective and less risky approach to data modernization enabling you to future proof your COBOL data.

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