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Achieve IT Agility With Mainframe DevOps Tools

My mainframe is the system of record that drives my business. But digital transformation demands smarter software delivery and new ways to engage with my customers. I need to speed up software development and testing on the mainframe while managing skills, cost, and risk. How can I leverage new tools and DevOps practices to improve developer collaboration, efficiency, and flexibility while accelerating time to market of new software solutions?

We help you…


Go Agile with modern, integrated developer tools

Accelerate application change, and unite your development and testing teams using one toolset. Micro Focus DevOps solutions provide your analyst, development, and QA teams with actionable insight, higher levels of efficiency, and quality, and greater collaboration enabling faster feedback across the complete software delivery process.


Increase quality with better continuous integration

Enable your teams to move faster without breaking what works. Improve IT visibility and responsiveness to application change while reducing risk and rework. Use open and integrated tools along with smart source code management solutions to streamline continuous integration, remove redundancy, eliminate waste, and deliver greater code confidence along each step of mainframe delivery.


Scale without limits with on-demand mainframe resources

Increase release quality through better automation and flexible access to test resources. Deliver software faster and with greater confidence by increasing code quality using on-demand dev and test resources. Enable your teams to rapidly provision mainframe development and test resources without adding cost, complexity, or constraint. Deliver superior software by scaling mainframe capacity to meet the demands of QA – and your budget.


Seamlessly integrate and deploy in a single click

Reduce your cycle times across each quality gate, and deploy new software releases into production faster using comprehensive, easy-to-use tools. Provide mainframe dev and operations teams with greater visibility, insight, and auditability across the entire continuous delivery process. With Micro Focus DevOps solutions, software delivery bottlenecks are a thing of the past, enabling you to achieve a repeatable, reliable, and automated application delivery pipeline.

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