Enterprise DevOps for High Value Assets

Reduce costs, speed delivery, and enable innovation within agencies

Public Administration
Enterprise integrated DevOps for both mainframe and distributed environments

Federal IT transformation in the age of FITARA can be extremely complex and challenging. Simplify your IT modernization implementation, improve governance risk and compliance, and meet OMB cost savings mandates by leveraging an integrated end-to-end DevOps tool chain that supports both mainframe and modern technologies.

Our products can help you:

  • Drive quick cost savings for MGT Act Projects by reducing the cost of expensive Mainframe based high value assets (HVA’s).
  • Improve collaboration among diverse development teams, simplify training, and safely enable and manage open source development environments.
  • Align with the Federal Cost Commission’s recommendations, fast forward your TBM implementation, and improve portfolio management and agile capabilities.
  • Shift entire mainframe applications or just Development and Testing to cost effective cloud based or on premise architectures.
  • Leverage a single DevOps Suite and provide an end to end tool chain for governing, testing and monitoring software quality and reducing risks.
  • Deliver Portfolio Savings and value to the mission by managing all cost, activity, and demand on IT.
Agile and DevOps App Delivery Products

Govern, test, and monitor the entire DevOps value chain

Flexibility, efficiency, and insight to deliver new applications with speed

Mainframe DevOps Products

Mainframe high value application portfolio analysis and optimization

Support development and CI/CD DevOps automation on IBM AIX, Linux, z and x86 environments

Reduce the cost of mainframe MIPs with seamless parallel development and automation, then distribute development work to cost effective platforms on premise or in the cloud

IBM mainframe application test environment for Windows

Portfolio and Cost Management Products

Manage your IT portfolio of services and applications so you can deliver value to the mission, optimize savings, and reduce risks

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