Identity-Powered Security

Balance user convenience with reduced organizational risk.
See what identity-powered security can do for you

See what identity-powered security can do for you

The identity and access management team is often disconnected from security management team in many IT organizations. But both teams want the same thing: to protect sensitive information from misuse or theft using a method that is transparent and convenient for users. And both teams have capabilities that would be useful for the other. Our products help organizations address risk and complexity with an integrated set of solutions that manage the identity and access lifecycle, authentication, identity governance, and security monitoring. We call this approach Identity-Powered Security.

Consisting of three complementary disciplines, Identity-Powered Security also includes specialized Privileged Identity Management solutions that help organizations meet compliance regulations and prevent data breaches associated with the misuse of privileged user accounts.

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Identity governance and administration

Our identity management capabilities help you efficiently provide appropriate access permissions so users can do their job. Smart, yet simple access governance enforces the least privilege principle. Minimizing user permissions to only what is needed helps reduce compliance violation fines and insider attacks.

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Access management and authentication

Simple credentials (such as username and password) may be appropriate for low-risk authentications, but as the risk context increases, there may be a need to request additional credentials or step-up authentication. Matching authentication requirements with the risk associated with the access request minimize risks.

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User activity monitoring

Granting access to privileged accounts can potentially expose the organization to risk. By monitoring what users or machine accounts are doing with their access, our products can identify abnormal activity patterns with analytics to reduce event noise, find the real threats, and take decisive action to disrupt attacks.

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