Improve Application Delivery Efficiency and Skills to Better Support Existing Mainframe and COBOL Systems

My COBOL and PL/I applications underpin the business, but I must manage cost and optimize resources where possible. In order to manage the IT budget and deliver on new projects, I need to find new ways to improve operational efficiency without sacrificing business continuity. How do I improve efficiency across the entire application delivery lifecycle?
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Shorten application delivery cycles by improving developer efficiency

Leverage the power of industry-standard development environments (IDEs) to maintain and modernize your COBOL and PL/I applications. Using your choice of Visual Studio or Eclipse, developers can edit, compile, debug, and test COBOL and PL/I applications within one integrated toolset. Bring cross-functional dev teams together to streamline project delivery and reduce bottlenecks. Provide an easy on-ramp for next-gen developers working with COBOL systems by providing a familiar toolset.

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Deploy COBOL applications to lower-cost, open environments, including Java, Linux, and the Cloud

Take advantage of lower-cost platforms and open architectures. Deploy existing COBOL workloads to Linux on Intel, Linux on POWER, or Linux on z Systems environments. Leverage the cost efficiencies and flexibility of open databases such as PostgreSQL. Using Micro Focus Visual COBOL or Enterprise solutions, you can easily deploy COBOL and PL/I applications to local, virtual, or hosted cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Address IT skills concerns by building a future talent pool to support business critical applications

Build a future talent plan aligned to your business application strategy. Attract next-gen COBOL and PL/I skills needed to support core business systems. Provide an easy on-ramp for new developers to become productive quickly while using familiar tools. Optimize existing dev resources by bringing cross-functional teams together using one modern IDE such as Visual Studio or Eclipse. Get involved. Partner with Micro Focus and the COBOL community by nominating a local university to join the Academic Program. Together, we’ll build the next generation of COBOL developers.

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