Information Management & Governance

Gain information insight, automate policy enforcement, and protect information from creation to disposition.

Trusted and proven legal, compliance, and privacy solutions

Data volumes and requirements are exploding, weighing down IT and forcing organizations to rethink point solution strategies. Micro Focus’ modular software portfolio helps you control data; lessen the burden on IT; and mitigate risk of fines, sanctions, and lost market credibility.

Doc find
Discover and classify enterprise information

Access and understand structured and unstructured data with our advanced analytics ecosystem, eliminating manual, costly, and error-prone processes, and streamlining downstream governance and migrations.

Comply with information governance mandates

Meet regulatory requirements, jurisdictional retention laws, and privacy regulations with a broad compliance portfolio that has been proven in the world’s most regulated and demanding organizations.

Shield 6
Protect customer privacy

Automate the identification of personal information (or PII) that is most important to your customers, and then secure this data throughout its lifecycle in conjunction with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Retina scan
Prepare for litigation and investigations

Utilize eDiscovery, ECA, and legal-hold processes and technology that have stood the test of time in some of the largest and most complex legal and investigative matters.

Storage time
Manage cost and risk associated with legacy data and applications

Analyze, classify, and migrate valuable or regulated information to an active repository, thereby disposing of potentially 1000s of apps and TBs of data you no longer need.

Financial 2
Generate value for your organization

Bridge formerly distinct data silos and gain deep insight into enterprise information with advanced analytics to improve internal processes, enhance differentiation, and address unmet market needs.

Proven success in a wide range of verticals, geographies, and use cases

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