Get Compliant, Stay Compliant

Deliver reliable, continuous IT security compliance that can pass any audit.

Easily prove compliance and respond to threats

Struggling to comply with multiple IT regulations and mandates? You need a streamlined way to detect and address policy violations, so you can demonstrate IT compliance and limit damage if a breach occurs.

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Detect and address policy violations in one centralized system

We help you centrally manage all of the processes and policies that determine how you monitor access and changes to sensitive data. We make it easy to define baseline system configurations, and then maintain these over time. We also provide a way to centrally record and audit changes across your most critical platforms, including Windows, Linux/UNIX, and Active Directory.

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Produce reports that prove you are protecting sensitive data

You need clear, concise, and centralized security and compliance reporting. We let you see, at a glance, the level of risk across your entire IT infrastructure in highly visual, browser-based dashboards. And our change-monitoring solutions offer detailed web-based reporting that documents unauthorized activity.

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Make compliance easier with automation

Automate the delivery of security intelligence, so you can quickly detect policy violations, resolve issues, and close compliance gaps. We provide automated, out-of-the-box templates that deliver immediate compliance knowledge. We let you specify monitoring policies in familiar, everyday language.

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