Micro Focus License Compliance Charter


The following sets out the principles governing Micro Focus’ approach to resolving our customers’ licensing issues:

  1. Customers are at the heart of our business.

  2. We invest in our software and intellectual property to enable customers to exploit the latest industry innovations while driving further leverage from their prior investments in IT.
  3. We protect our software and intellectual property through our license agreements with customers. These require customers and users of our software to ensure they are correctly licensed.
  4. We will support and collaborate fully with our customers to resolve any licensing issues.
  5. We recognise that licensing issues can happen unintentionally and we commit to work with our customers to resolve any issues quickly, amicably and commercially with the minimum of disruption to their business. We expect to resolve issues within 30 days of first contacting a customer. In return, we expect our customers to co-operate with us by providing complete information and to resolve identified issues promptly.
  6. We will take a firm and fair approach to resolving licensing issues, in discussion with our customer and based on applicable list pricing.
  7. We require that our staff demonstrate the highest professional standards and respect for our customers in all Micro Focus’ business dealings.

Micro Focus License Verification Resource Centre

Micro Focus’ License Verification Resource Centre provides customers with information to help them assess their software licensing situation and status and to assist with licensing queries. Please click on the links below.

Our trained licensing experts are also available to handle customer enquiries and provide any advice they may need. Customers can request license verification support via email at licensingsupport@microfocus.com.

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