Mainframe market space

Unlock the value of host applications and data. Modernize access and integrate across new platforms. Accelerate deployment with DevOps practices and tools.


In large organizations, mainframe systems are the cornerstone of success. In terms of performance and reliability, they are mission critical. As systems of record they are the repository of complex transactional and operational rules and policies that define the organization.

For mainframe organizations, finding the right balance between how to accelerate response to operational requirements, deliver new capabilities, and leverage new technologies, while controlling operational cost, is a complex process.

Micro Focus enables customers to enhance the value of their mainframe systems, to help transform their organization, to become more agile, and to optimize the cost of IT.

With Micro Focus you can:

  • Modernize your mainframe application delivery process with practices and tools for implementing Agile and DevOps.
  • Choose where and how to build and deploy applications.
  • Unlock and modernize access to mainframe applications and data.
  • Build next-generation services for integrating business processes and systems.

I need to...

Shorten app delivery cycles and control costs

Learn how to develop COBOL and PL/I applications faster and deploy workloads to Linux and the Cloud.

Strengthen mainframe application access and data security

Learn how to implement identity-powered multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and privacy to take back control of terminal access to applications and data.

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Boost user productivity

Learn how to make host applications look and feel like more modern apps so that users can be more productive and deliver better quality services.

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Reuse and integrate mainframe systems, tools, and services

Learn how to enable integration of mainframe data and applications into your digital business strategy.

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Create new value out of my current investments

Learn how to build cloud-based apps with legacy data and logic, and transform heritage services into new workflow processes.

Accelerate success
Develop mainframe applications faster

Learn how to streamline development and testing without sacrificing quality.

Enterprise Suite 5.0 - The New Economics of Enterprise Computing

The digital era has literally transformed how the organization sees IT. Rising demand for more dramatic change, at greater pace, has put IT under greater pressure than ever. No longer can it offer questionable return on investment, as the organization strives to become more nimble and customer-focused than ever. The facts are stark – 88% of the Fortune 500 companies dropped off that list within a 50 year period. Failure to change, and fast, means an inevitable downturn in fortunes.

Capgemini: A Partner Success Story

Capgemini partners with Micro Focus to move its customer's mainframe applications to the cloud with improved agility and faster time to market; ‘doing more with less’.

Case Studies

Enterprise 5.0

Scalable mainframe application modernization

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