Strengthen Authentication Without Restricting Productivity

Centralized authentication administration tools that help your organization reduce the risk of data loss.

A single, simple framework for authentication administration

With the seemingly unlimited number of mobile devices cropping up and the fact that even the smallest user groups can be global and mobile, you need the right authentication strength for all of your requirements in one place.

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Accelerate success
Automate identity, provisioning, and approval processes

Imagine being able to deliver instant and secure access to all the IT resources your new hires need, as soon as they show up for work. No more waiting days or weeks for them to become productive. We supply powerful automated provisioning to eliminate those time-consuming, manual back-end processes.

Immediately revoke access when an employee leaves

A critical way to reduce risk is to have an effective, automated process for revoking access to IT resources and information. You can revoke access rights for anyone as soon requested by managers or HR personnel. You can even extend those same secure access controls to your SaaS applications.

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Ensure that least privileges are granted and enforced

The best way to fight access elevation is by granting and enforcing the minimal access and administrative rights your employees need. We enable you to review and certify all of the access rights across your organization. We also help you automate any changes across your enterprise.

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Maintain a consistent identity across the enterprise

Users often have multiple overlapping identities across the enterprise. You need a way to keep these consistent and synchronized to prevent gaps in your secure access strategy. We provide automation to keep identities synchronized. This boosts productivity and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Adapt to the right level of authentication

Balancing secure yet simple access to information can be challenging. The best solution delivers simple access using the right level of user verification. Our products provide risk assessment of a user's access request in real-time and presents the right types of authentication.

Integrate past and future authentication technologies

Maybe you've purchased a variety of readers or tokens over the years for different systems or corporate divisions, but none of them work together. Our products let you adopt new technologies while keeping the equipment that you've already purchased, bringing them together into a single framework.

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