Strengthen Security for Host Assets

The world has changed around my critical host assets. Now I need to protect them from increasingly sophisticated threats while simultaneously complying with growing security mandates.
We help you…
Ensure the highest level of encryption, authentication, and authorization

Built to support the top US government security standards (FIPS 140-2 and DoD PKI), our emulators also provide TLS 1.2 encryption and SHA-256/RSA-2048 digital signatures. These layers of security provide military-strength protection at every level.

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Mask all forms of customer data

With our emulators, you can mask data on live host screens, redact data as it is entered, and prevent access via wireless networks. At a more granular level, you can log host access and specify group access levels.

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Integrate the host with your IAM system

Leave the dark ages of security behind by teaming our emulators with Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS). MSS works with your corporate directory service to centrally propagate changes, lock down desktops, and grant access based on group or role – no host changes required.

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