Configure systems to protect against threats

Streamline auditing and proactively defend against emerging threats.

Easily preserve your system’s integrity

Keeping critical systems configured for maximum security is harder in a hybrid IT environment. You need to continuously evaluate your key systems and pinpoint, report on, and respond to areas of vulnerability.

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Harden your critical systems against threats

We can help you create secure configurations by providing detailed control mapping. We also provide configuration assessment of your systems against both security and compliance controls. And our security monitoring solutions help you to assess and report on the integrity of critical systems in real time.

Make it easier to keep critical systems configured correctly

We can make it faster for you to prove compliance and follow security best practices by automating the assessment of your system configurations. We also offer automated, real-time solutions for controlling and auditing access to sensitive systems and files by privileged users.

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Identify and reduce risk from key vulnerabilities

We provide automated delivery of the latest content on regulations, standards, and vulnerabilities to keep your system configurations relevant and up-to-date. Our automated assessments expose dangerous vulnerabilities and alert your teams so they can take action. And our web-based reporting can identify unauthorized activity and changes in real time.

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