Authorized Alternatives (Backgrade Rights) for Host Connectivity Products

This page is provided by Micro Focus to identify the predecessor products and versions that may be available to you as authorized alternatives when you acquire new license count. You do not need any special permission (you do not need this page) simply to continue operating prior products and versions (in the same quantities) rather than deploying a new product or version you received as a maintenance upgrade.

If you have acquired new licensed units for a new product or version, and you wish to apply those units to your prior-product deployment instead, then you will need both the Chart and the Authorized Alternatives Agreement to determine any permissions that would apply. You may wish to retain a copy of this page with your licensing records if you are relying on it.

Caution: You cannot use this page if it you have a separate agreement with Micro Focus that conflicts with it.

If a product version of interest to you is absent from the chart below, please contact your Micro Focus account representative for assistance.

Chart: Authorized Alternatives by Product

Effective as of: September 2021

LEGAL NOTICE: No rights or permissions are granted by the Chart alone. To obtain permissions, you must agree to the Authorized Alternatives Agreement following the Chart.

Authorized Alternatives Agreement

This Authorized Alternatives Agreement (“Agreement”) is a BINDING LEGAL AGREEMENT between you and Micro Focus (“Licensor”), and by exercising any permission granted in the Agreement, YOU ACCEPT and agree to be bound by it. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE to the terms of this Agreement, then Licensor entirely withdraws the Agreement and grants no permissions. Any and all other agreements between you and Licensor shall have precedence over this Agreement in the case of conflict.

Permissions: When you acquire new product license count, it is specific to the product and version shown on your Licensor-issued entitlement documents (the “Entitled Product”). If your Entitled Product appears in the first column of the Chart, and if you wish to apply your Entitled Product licensed unit count to a predecessor product version listed in column three of the Entitled Product row of the Chart, and if you have a current valid deployment of that predecessor product version, then you may re-purpose your Entitled Product licensed unit count (in whole or in part, on a temporary or continuing basis) to increase your licensed unit count for that predecessor product version (thereupon, the “Authorized Alternative”), subject to the Terms below. The permissions granted herein are effective as of the date of acquisition of the subject Entitled Product licensed unit count, and rely on the corresponding Chart as defined below.

Suite Components: If there are component products listed in column two of the Entitled Product row of the Chart, then you may treat each such component product (“Component Product”) as an Entitled Product, and separately apply the conditions stated in the paragraph above to obtain authorized alternatives permissions with respect to the Component Product, and in such case the Authorized Alternative will additionally be subject to the Suite License Agreement (if any) applicable to the Entitled Product.


      I. The Authorized Alternative will be governed by the terms of the software license agreement that originally accompanied it;
      II. If the Chart attaches a LIMITATION to the Authorized Alternative, that LIMITATION will apply to the governing software license terms.
      III. Each Authorized Alternative deployment entirely consumes one Entitled Product licensed unit;
      IV. Licensor makes no representation that the combination of products permitted under this Agreement will operate successfully together in your environment;
      V. Inclusion of a product or module in the Chart creates no obligation on the part of Licensor to provide any software or any support services, and Licensor advises you to consider the product lifecycle status of an Authorized Alternative before extending your deployment of it.

Chart: This Agreement references a chart published by Licensor at, which chart is subject to change by Licensor at any time. As used in this Agreement, “Chart” means the chart so published as of the day you acquired new Entitled Product licensed unit count. Any permissions granted by Licensor with reference to the Chart will be unaffected by changes in subsequent chart versions; however, subsequent purchases may not have the same permissions. Example: If your Authorized Alternative is absent from a later chart, that absence does not rescind your original Chart permissions; however, you will no longer be able to augment your Authorized Alternative deployment by purchasing additional Entitled Product licensed units.


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