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Orbix 6.x Upgrade Assessment

Micro Focus is committed to the highest quality solutions for our customers. This commitment includes helping customers improve solution efficiency and minimize risk. For customers on Orbix 2000, Orbix E2A ASP, or versions of Orbix predating Orbix 3.3, one may consider the Orbix 6.x Upgrade Assessment, ensuring the application of best practices and access to the latest updated functionality.

Service Offering & Deliverables

This offering involves Micro Focus CORBA Solution Architects (SA) reviewing and assessing the existing operating environment, application configuration, source code, customizations and deployment practices toward planning improvements.

This service offering includes the following service components:

Operating Environment Assessment: 1 day

This assessment delivers the following:

  • Confirmation that Operating System, compiler, and patches are fully supported by Orbix 6.x
  • Discussion and agreement on a go-forward roadmap that ensures the CORBA system is future-proofed
  • Recommendations on best approach to upgrade and deploy the CORBA system on Orbix 6.x
Training Planning: 0.5 days

This planning delivers the following:

  • Identification of upgrade team roles and responsibilities
  • Training plan appropriate to ensure upgrade project success
Upgrade Plan Development: 0.5 days

This planning delivers the following:

  • Orbix 6.x upgrade plan, including:
    • Recommended timeline and milestones for development, testing, and deployment
    • Risk identification
  • Training plan appropriate to ensure upgrade project success
Source Code Evaluation: 1 day

This evaluation delivers the following:

  • Quantification of Orbix 6.x upgrade issues
  • Verification of Basic Object Adapter or Portable Object Adapter usage for CORBA deployment
  • Identification of any development challenges related to code compile and execution
  • Recommendations for performance and/or development efficiency improvement
  • Review of current unit and system tests to ensure these are considered as part of any upgrade plan
Proprietary Feature Upgrade Planning: 1 day

This planning delivers the following:

  • Identification of any proprietary features being used in the existing ORB that are no longer supported in Orbix 6.x
  • Recommendations for any remediation necessary using Orbix 6.x features

This offering involves onsite and/or remote consulting by up to two Micro Focus CORBA Solution Architects (SA).

A planning conference call will take place first, where roles, responsibilities, timeline, logistics, and deliverables will be discussed and agreed.

A detailed Statement of Work (SOW) will include all tasks and deliverables as well as a timeline.

For more information, contact Micro Focus directly at

Service Fees

The estimated offering cost is as follows:
Role Daily Rate No. Days Estimated Cost*
CORBA Solution Architect $2,250 4 $9,000
  • Travel is extra and billed at cost
  • All services subject to a signed Agreement/SOW
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