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Test Data Management


Time and time again, the bottleneck identified in the IT release process is the back-end testing of systems prior to release. Often, this is because the processes used to drive this part of the business are in need of repair. Instead of using appropriate test data to guarantee the validity of the release, organizations take a copy of the entire production data and use that to test with. Not only are shortcuts like these very inefficient, they are also often in breach of data protection regulations.


Test Data Management Service

The Micro Focus Test Data Management Service provides a full assessment of the processes you use today, and it includes recommendations and examples of how significant operating efficiencies can be achieved. We will provide you with tried and tested processes and technology to bring your testing up to date, reduce test cycles, reduce storage effort, and improve release quality. The Test Data Management Service also helps you ensure you are compliant with the latest data security legislation.

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Tue Apr 30 16:03:23 PDT 2024