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Value Profile Services

Modernization improves business. So how can your business achieve it? We’ll help you discover the most
suitable path for your modernization strategy.

Value Profile Service

The Micro Focus Value Profile is a free service that assesses the benefits that modernization will deliver to your organization. Companies that operate in a mainframe-centric IT landscape will particularly benefit because of the range of modernization options they have across their platforms, including user interface, analysis, testing, and application development lifecycles. The Value Profile assessment includes an explanation of actions you can take to achieve your modernization benefits.


Applications Management Value Profile Service

Complementing the Applications Value Profile, the Applications Management Value Profile is an objective economic analysis that identifies the best return from investment in software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) improvement. You receive a report benchmarking your software delivery processes against other leading businesses along with recommendations that indicate the business value you can expect from SDLC improvements.

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