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Extended Support Plus

Available for select products for an additional fee, Extended Support Plus provides critical support for a product release or platform after the Committed Support period has ended. Extended Support Plus is intended to be an interim solution for customers who are moving to the most current version of a product or supported platform, but need additional time to make the transition. It allows you additional time to plan, test and deploy new product versions or platforms, with the goal of migrating to the latest version or platform within a timeframe that best fits the needs of your business.

With Extended Support Plus, you will be able to maintain your current product version or platform for a longer period of time, preserving both the stability and security of your data center, as you transition from one version to the next.


Extended Support Plus provides:

  • Continued receipt of hotfixes and security updates for critical severity product defects (and for some products, high severity product defects) beyond the published Committed Support period, to ensure security compliancy and prevent unresolvable system outages.

Extended Support Plus does not include any software enhancement requests or hardware enablement.


Requirements and Availability:

  • Available for select products after the end of Committed Support
  • Sold for a minimum of 12 months
  • Customer must maintain an active support agreement for all versions of the product or solution
  • Non-refundable, even if migration from the product version under Extended Support Plus to the new replacement product version is completed prior to the end of the Extended Support Plus term
  • Customer may be required to install the latest available patch, hotfix or security update to receive additional defect support or to operationalize critical security updates
  • Some products may require that you maintain a certain level of current environment stability prior to purchasing Extended Support Plus, and/or that you maintain a static hardware and software environment during the term of Extended Support Plus


Additional Terms for Extended Support Plus

Micro Focus will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve a Software critical error or design failure that it can reproduce on its support systems. Micro Focus will also use commercially reasonable efforts to address critical vulnerability to malicious attacks or access. Resolution may be provided by a software correction or a workaround. Micro Focus may not be able to provide a resolution for all defects, but will use commercially reasonable efforts to downgrade the severity of the issue to level 2, 3 or 4.

To understand how Extended Support Plus fits into the overall Product Support Lifecycle, view the policy here.

To see if Extended Support Plus is available for your product, view product-specific details on the Product Support Lifecycle table:

View the Business Support Agreement that governs your Support Plan.

For additional questions, contact your Sales Representative.

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